Celebrate Lughnasadh with treats!

1st August is the Celtic Festival of Lughnasadh. It’s the first harvest - time to reap what you have sown and celebrate your achievements. What do you need to cut back now and what still needs nurture to come to fruition this year?

To celebrate, I have put together a carefully curated Lughnasadh celebration box including an exclusive Hestia’s Flame Ylang Ylang pillar candle, Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil or Lotion, Jasmine incense, citrine crystal, hand made corn dolly, happiness tea, greetings card, sunflower seeds for you to grow, voucher for a free Weleda Skin Care Consultation and notes the season’s celebrations from Sophia’s Book of Shadows. It costs £52 or there’s a little bag of treats for £19.

May your harvest be bountiful and sustain you through the cold winter months ahead. May the love of family, friends and the goddess warm you always.

Sophia x