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Nurturing Arts Workshops

With Naomi Newsham and Sophia Russell

Naomi is a retired community nurse with a background in Nutrition Dietetics and Waldorf Education and a lifelong interest in plant medicine.

Having recently graduated from Tobias School of Art and Therapy she realises everyone can benefit from trusting themselves to be creative.

Sophia is a Registered Homeopath, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Teacher. She brings her passion for and knowledge of plant lore, plant medicine and energy healing as we use our 12 senses to discover the qualities of the plant, medicinal and otherwise.

These workshops are designed to be nourishing and focus on one plant at a time. Using our senses to observe it, usually using pencils and pastels and sometimes watercolours, we gain a deeper understanding of the plant. No previous experience is necessary just enthusiasm and willingness. They take place at Tobias School of Art and Therapies, East Grinstead, RH19 4LR.

Please bring a towel for a Weleda Foot Spa and your lunch.

Refreshments will be provided and all art materials are included.

“Human beings can heal themselves but sometimes need a little help from Nature” R.Steiner

“Nature is your friend and your teacher” Baircli Levy

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