Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for their therapeutic properties.  The oils are used for treating medical and non-medical conditions.  Although it may appear to be a relatively new therapy, plant oils have been used for their health benefits for centuries.

An aromatherapy treatment begins with an in depth consultation about your medical history, lifestyle and reasons for seeking treatment.  Then, essential oils can be chosen according to your needs and blended together to form a pleasant and efficient synergy for treatment.  These are diluted in an appropriate carrier oil and applied to the skin during a gentle and relaxing massage.  If you wish to continue your treatment between massage appointments, Sophia can dispense bespoke preparations for you such as facial and body oils, bath oils and salts, pillow sprays etc.

Sophia Russell MFHT is a clinical aromatherapist and works from her home treatment room in Chailey.  For appointments call her on 07970 578821 or email


Full body aromatherapy massage - £60  

1 hour    

Back, neck, face and scalp aromatherapy massage - £35

30 minutes  

Aromatherapy facial massage - £65

1 hour 15 minutes

Imagine yourself beginning to relax by soaking your feet in warm scented water while we discuss your needs and wishes for your skin and wellbeing. Then, being tucked up on the couch under the duvet with a hot water bottle while your feet and calves are expertly massaged with your bespoke aromatherapy blend. The facial massage begins with warm scented compresses on your face and decollete, a gentle cleanse, followed by a second deeper cleanse with Weleda’s organic skincare products.  A mask of clay is applied to draw out impurities while your hands and arms are massaged with your essential oils. Facial massage, with essential oils follows both by hand and with crystal facial rollers.  A second treatment mask tailored to your individual needs nourishes the skin while you float away. Weleda day care brings the experience to a close - your skin is toned, the eye area revitalised with eye cream and your face protected and nourished by a serum plus a day cream or lotion.  Come around in your own time and ease yourself back into the outside world feeling like you’ve just had a week off!

Consultation and bespoke preparation - £30

If there’s an area of your wellbeing you’d like to work on – be it mental, physical or emotional - you can book in for a full aromatherapy consultation with Sophia (in person, via Zoom or on the phone) who can suggest and make organic aromatherapy preparations to help you.  Your first bespoke item and p&p is included in the price. 

Some examples of this might be...

I’m often asked to help people with their sleep and might suggest a pillow spray, or an oil to diffuse in your bedroom, or perhaps a relaxing bath and body oil to enjoy before you go to bed?

Fungal toenail?  I can make you an oil to treat the area.

School/exam anxiety? How about an aromatherapy roller ball you can carry with you and use when you need a little support?

"As someone who has never taken the time to invest in my self care, I've taken the opportunity of lockdown to build this into my daily life and the results have really surprised me. My skin has never looked so good as I approach the big 50." - Kellie, Brighton

You may combine your massage with biodynamic facial aspects and reiki healing if you so desire.  Just ask.

If you need to cancel an appointment please do so within 24 hours of your appointment time or the full treatment cost is payable.