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As a doula, I provide emotional, informational and physical support, working for you not your care-giver.


I offer sessions for you - and if you wish - your birth partner which can take place in person or on Zoom.  These are tailored to your personal needs and experience, but can include:

  • Emotional support as you navigate this special time

  • Informational support - helping you to make informed choices for you and your baby

  • Defining your wishes for birth and preparing your birth plan

  • Learn about homeopathic remedies for labour and post partum healing - Sophia is a registered homeopath.

  • Communicating with your care givers

  • Post natal debrief of your birth experience

  • Debriefing previous traumatic birth experiences (Sophia is a trained Birth Crisis listener).

£60 per 1 hour session.  Click the Book Online tab to arrange your session.

I do not give medical advice so always contact your GP or midwife if you have concerns about your health or that of your baby.

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