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Weleda is the world's largest certified natural skincare and medicines company, founded in 1921 by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Its anthroposophical values cause it to operate in harmony with nature and the human being making products organic, biodynamic, fair trade, cruelty free, responsibly packaged, without micro-plastics and priced at the smallest amount possible so all can access them. Since all ingredients are natural, there are none of the skin-irritating, hormone disrupting, carcinogenic chemicals so often found in our body care products. You will find an excellent, award winning  and comprehensive range of baby and child products together with first aid remedies, hair care, sunscreen, dental care, skincare, homeopathic remedies and food supplements. 

"The Weleda Skin Care Routine is a great way to start the day feeling refreshed and real and feel good too." - Maddie, Brighton 

"I've never been one to even consider a skin care routine, not many guys do but after witnessing my girlfriend do it, I decided to try it and find it rejuvenating." - Lau, Twickenham

Facial Skincare Consultation


30 minutes - £30 – This includes a £20 allowance redeemable against Weleda products.


Book in for a skincare consultation to explore what your skin needs right now and address any concerns you may have while experiencing Weleda’s certified natural, organic and award-winning skincare for yourself. I will teach you your very own facial skincare routine and you can join in every step of the way with an interactive mini facial.

Weleda Subscribe and Save: 

By popular demand from my regular customers, I have designed this scheme to save you money while you have all the fun of a monthly wellbeing box – tailored to your individual needs and preferences - delivered to your door! 


• Save a minimum of 20% on all your Weleda shopping

• Set your own budget (free p&p over £45) 

• Choose from facial skincare, body care & toiletries or some of each

• You can specify preferences for certain products or ranges you like or want to avoid (e.g. in case of allergy)

• Totally flexible – you pay by standing order on a date you choose and can cancel any time.

To join in, simply set up a standing order to SMS Russell, 30-98-74, a/c 10914768. Then drop me a line to sophia@hestiasflame.com to let me know your postal address, whether you would like facial skin care, body care products or some of each and any preferences or allergies you may have.  Or feel free to give me a call on 07970 578821 to discuss your requirements.  


Weleda means “wise woman” and my community role is to inform, educate and advise by offering one to one wellbeing consultations, running wellbeing events at homes or businesses and giving facial and massage treatments in my South Chailey treatment room using Weleda's award winning products. As a wellbeing advisor, I have access to special offers and discounts that you cannot find in the shops or on the main Weleda website.

You can always contact me for advice or to place an order or you can shop online here.