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Homeopathy Help for Hay Fever

Hay fever is a form of allergy affecting the lining of the nose, and often the eyes and throat too.

Did you know, it can be treated successfully with homeopathic remedies - both as an acute picture to alleviate current symptoms and for the underlying chronic condition? In my practice I am delighted to notice that patients undergoing constitutional treatment who usually get hay fever every year have this year either not had any symptoms at all or they are greatly reduced. This is wonderful news and means they don't need to use conventional medicines any more. I had a little look into the side effects of those medications which, according to the NHS, are...

  • sleepiness (drowsiness) and reduced co-ordination, reaction speed and judgement – do not drive or use machinery

  • dry mouth

  • blurred vision

  • difficulty peeing

  • headache

  • dry mouth

  • feeling sick

Homeopathy is safe for everyone and has no side effects! It can also be used alongside any conventional medications you may already be taking.

I thought you might be interested in some of the homeopathic remedies helpful for hay fever.

Allium Cepa - frequent sneezing, watery discharge drips from nose which feels raw and burns the lip and skin leaving a red streak. Eyes water profusely but do not sting or become inflamed. Usually begins on left side and moves to the right. Great sensitivity to the scent of flowers and the skin of peaches.

Arsenicum Album - Nasal discharge burns a red streak over upper lip and skin of the nose. Relentless sneezing with profuse, watery, burning nasal discharge. Constant tickle in the nose which is not relieved by sneezing. The typical Arsenicum patient is anxious, restless, often asthmatic and their worst time is soon after midnight.

Carbo Veg - Frequent sneezing with constant crawling and tickling sensation in the nose. Tears and biting pain in and above the nose. Ineffectual desire to sneeze. Watery discharge, suffers from heat, is chilled by cold, sweats in a hot room - no comfortable place.

Euphrasia - Sneezing with profuse acrid tears, red eyes, profuse bland nasal discharge. Eyes are worse in open air and wind.

Gelsemium - Sneezing, hot face, body feels weighed down and tired. Watery, burning discharge. Strange feeling of stream of scalding water from throat up to left nostril.

Lachesis - Paroxysms of sneezing worse after sleep even in the day time. Headache extends to nose. Dry, stuffed sensation throught the head. Face is red and puffy. Red, sore nostrils and lips. Throat sensitive to touch or pressure.

Nat Mur - sensation of squirming as from a small worm in the nose. Profuse nasal discharge, wakes with headache. Loss of taste and smell. Cough from tickling in the pit of the throat. Tears burn and the corners of the eyes are red and sore. Worse in the sun, desire for salt, better at the seaside and may even be cured by swimming in the sea.

Nux Vomica - Distressing and prolonged bouts of sneezing. Excessive irritation in noses, eyes and face. Itching extends to voice box and down the wind pipe. The patient is very irritable and sensitive to cold.

Sabadilla - Violent sneezing and copious watery discharge from the nose but the nostrils are stuffed up and breathing through the nose is laboured. Snoring, Itching and bleeding nose, severe frontal pains, red eyelids. Very sensitive to the smell of garlic.

Silica - Itching and tingling in the nose, Violent sneezing and burning discharge. Itching right at the back of the mouth.

Are you are suffering and would you like some help? You can book an initial homeopathic consultation with me at If you are an existing patient but not currently receiving treatment, book yourself in for a homeopathy follow up. If you come before 10th June, you will have your treatment half price while I am working under supervision of a qualified homeopath. After that, I will have graduated as a Registered Homeopath and my feels will be higher.

Some essential oils used in Aromatherapy can be used to alleviate hay fever symptoms too. I'll tell you all about those in my next blog.

Sophia Russell MFHT

Homeopath practicing under supervision while in training


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